Volo Invest

Volo Invest has been created to allow investors to discover new avenues of business. Experience the thrills of watching your horse compete at prestigious events around the world whilst achieving a high return on your investment.

As we all know any investment is risky, but here at Volo Sport Horses we work on facts, not dreams or unrealistic goals. In this unpredictable economic time we all need to look for different ways of investing. The equestrian world has a lot to offer, from entertaining clients at some of the world’s most beautiful locations, to receiving high returns from relatively small investments.

Volo Sport Horses has the luxury of having two international riders working full time on the production of the horses at our state of the art location. This partnership is professionally managed and comprises a legally binding agreement to give owners peace of mind about their investment.
The stable has a proven track record in buying, producing ad selling high quality show jumping horses. Nick’s results in the show jumping world does not go unnoticed. With each horse developing ride ability and results with no compromise on the welfare of the horses.
The show jumping industry has over the last decade had a significant growth. The value of show jumping horses with the correct attributes for top sport have become a very high valuable commodity.
So weather you are looking to enjoy a fantastic lifestyle of top class show jumping or an investment to produce a healthy profit or simply looking for a stable to produce your horse, feel free to contact us.