About us

Nick Benterman
After returning to the UK in 2014, Nick has made a very good name for himself. Nick started off riding young and moved abroad as a 16 year old. Getting a lot of experience from Europe has really helped him getting the right contacts and it helped him develop his riding to a higher level.
After meeting his wife in 2007 they started the company Volo Sport Horses and has sold horses world wide. Nick has competed up to World Cup level and has produced numerous horses to top level. Nick is very competitive and motivated to reach his goals and won’t give up! In 2015 he won two international GP and was placed in several others. This has given him the drive to reach even higher!
Katharina Benterman
Katharina has ridden 3 European Championships as a pony and junior rider but is now focusing more on the managing of the stable. With the experience from previous years on high level she helps with the training and producing of horses.
With the team of Katharina and Nick, Volo Sport Horses has everything it needs for success!